Healing Images Comes to Fargo, ND

Students at the College of Business at North Dakota State University have taken up the cause of Healing Images. A group involved with Legacy Leadership arranged for a number of prints from our galleries to be displayed at Bethany Retirement Living in Fargo.

The photographs were to be on display in the Bethany entrance through early 2013, after which time Bethany Retirement Living would be given the opportunity to purchase these images at the cost of production. Families and individuals were also be given the opportunity to purchase and sponsor an image in the name of a loved one. 

Last month Bethany told the students they would be purchasing all the prints. They had seen the value that healing art could bring.

Hats off to these young men and women who are now off finding other facilities where they can put Healing Images!

Students who assisted with this project include: Elise Braun, Bismarck, N.D., senior majoring in management; Stephanie Johnston, Hawley, Minn., senior majoring in management; Kristi Schaffer, Brandon, Minn., junior majoring in agribusiness; and Michelle Full, Forest Lake, Minn., senior majoring in management. Legacy is an undergraduate professional development program focused on team-oriented leadership. The program is administered by Associate Dean Tim Peterson in the College of Business.

Students from North Dakota State University

Students from North Dakota State University

Students hanging the images
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