Testimonial from Queens Hospital System

Healing Images brought Molokai General Hospital to life. They filled the halls with a warmth and beauty that were never there before. The images are an homage to nature, the Aina, the people and the Hawaiian culture, all of which to me are reminders of the importance of wellness. The serenity and beauty of the images bring a calming stillness for those seeking this in their time of need.

I have just spent the past week with a critically ill family member in a hospital with square walls and windows - an institution without life. Although there were photographs on the walls, they were cold and uninspired. How do we get the message across that this kind of environment needs an upgrade?

Joana Magno

MD Cardiology

Queens Hospital System

Honolulu, HI

TEDx with Dewitt Jones

One of Healing Images founders recently spoke for TEDx sharing the way he views the world and the passion for life behind Healing Images.  A short 17 minutes, check it out here and share it with your friends...

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