Testimonial from Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

The work of Dewitt Jones has made a great impact on our patient experience here at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital. Using patient and caregiver input, we selected images that are appealing to both our staff and our patients. Unlike the generic artwork we have often used in the past, Dewitt’s work has helped to enhance our patient care areas. Some of our patients have remarked how these beautiful, healing images have evoked happy thoughts and memories from their lives. It has really added another dimension to our patient experience.

Larry Lenz

Director, Business Operations

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Making a Difference at the Fargo VA Hospital

One of the most enjoyable clients of the year was the North Dakota Veterans Hospital in Fargo. They have a project to work art into their hospital over the next three years. It started with art for the mental hea...

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