Effects of Viewing Art On Patient Outcomes

For a more comprehensive review of pertinent research, see Effects of Viewing Art On Patient Outcomes, by Roger S. Ulrich in Chapter 7 of Putting Patients First, Best Practices in Patient Centered Care

Undertaking an Art Survey to Compare Patient Versus Student Art Preferences

Nanda et al
Environment and Behavior March 2008 vol. 40 no. 2 269-301


There is a growing body of evidence on using art as a positive distraction to improve health outcomes. However, there is little research on art for patient rooms, patients' stated art preferences, and how these compare with the art preferences...

Effect of visual art on patient anxiety and agitation in a mental health facility and implications for the business case

Nanda, et al
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Volume 18, Issue 5, pages 386–393, June 2011

Accessible summary

  1. The study investigated the impact of different visual art conditions on agitation and anxiety levels of patients by measuring the rate of pro re nata (PRN) incidents and collecting nurse...
The stress-reducing effects of art in pediatric health care: art preferences of healthy children and hospitalized children

Eisen et al
J Child Health Care September 2008 vol. 12 no. 3 173-190


Art is assumed to possess therapeutic benefits of healing for children, as part of patient-focused design in health care. Since the psychological and physiological well-being of children in health care settings is extremely important in...

Impact of visual art on patient behavior in the emergency department waiting room

Upali Nanda, Cheryl Chanaud, Michael Nelson, Xi Zhu, Robyn Bajema, Ben H Jansen
Journal of Emergency Medicine (impact factor: 1.31). 02/2012; 43(1):172-81. DOI: 10.1016/j.jemermed.2011.06.138
Source: PubMed


Wait times have been reported to be one of the most important concerns for people visiting emergency...


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