Step 1: Create an account

Creating an account with Healing Images lets you create, save and share lightboxes. Get started by clicking 'Create my account' below. Click 'sign up for a free account', complete the form and click 'sign up'. Once you verify your email, you will be able to add photos to the Lightbox.

Create my account

Step 2: Add your favorite images to a Lightbox (Photographic Shopping Cart)

  • When you find an image you like, click the thumbnail to enlarge. Click 'Add to Lightbox'.
  • Enter your lightbox name and then click 'Add to Lightbox'.
  • When you select your second image, your lightbox name will be in the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Share your Lightbox

  • Click 'Lightboxes' in the menu.
  • Select your Lightbox and then click 'Share'.
  • Enter the recipients email address and select your preferences. You can share your Lightbox with multiple people but you can enter only one email address at a time.

Step 4: Verify your organization


We will need to verify your account BEFORE you place your order to confirm you're a licensed healthcare facility. Please call Monique at 707-838-4379 and she will take care of this over the phone. If you prefer, you can send her an email and she will call you at your convenience.

Step 5: Place an order

  • Visit your Lightbox and click on the image you wish to order.
  • Click 'Buy/License'.
  • A window pops up that will allow you to select the size and quantity of that image.
  • Click 'Add to cart'.
  • From here, you can either 'Continue shopping' or 'check out'.
TEDx with Dewitt Jones

One of Healing Images founders recently spoke for TEDx sharing the way he views the world and the passion for life behind Healing Images.  A short 17 minutes, check it out here and share it with your friends...

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