Making a Difference at the Fargo VA Hospital

One of the most enjoyable clients of the year was the North Dakota Veterans Hospital in Fargo. They have a project to work art into their hospital over the next three years. It started with art for the mental health department.  They ordered 30 images on gator board so that they would be able to easily change the images in a patient’s room as they learned of the patient’s interests. When the administrator received our images, he lined them up in a meeting room invited the nurses to view them.  The head nurse was so taken with the images, what they would do for the patients and how they would effect everyone in the hospital, she began to cry. Others followed and room was quickly filled with joy and tears.   

This is why we do what we do.  To give the care givers the energy to heal and to sooth the patient’s healing process.  All this thanks to contribution of our photographers!  We are making a difference!

The Benefits of Nature in Hospitals

Neurobiophilia - the science of how nature engages the brain.  Psychologists are finding how nature in hospital rooms increase healing rates and find patients request less pain medication.  Tierne Thys expla...

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