Healing Images brings Georgetown Medical Center's Walls to Life

MedStar Georgetown Hospital, one of the premiere University hospitals and one of the national capital area’s oldest academic teaching hospitals, recently placed 120 of our images on its hospital halls with 60 more images to come. 

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital is consistently ranked among the best in the nation.  MedStar Georgetown University Hospital was awarded Magnet Status for excellence in nursing care and the prestigious Quality Excellence Award.

Winning these awards says a lot about MedStar Health and its hospitals' commitment to elevating their high level of quality care. Healing Images is proud to be part of this great institution. You can imagine the smiles around here when we received the following from the president of the hospital:

“We want our hospital environment to be an integral part of our healing care. The extraordinary photographic art from Healing Images has helped us do just that. It brightens the mood not only of our patients and visitors but our dedicated staff as well. Every healthcare facility could benefit from their wonderful work. Healing Images is a game changer.”

- President, Medstar Georgetown Hospital

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